Past CABANA workshops

CABANA Workshop: Advanced RNAseq and Network Analysis in Genomics

Instituto de Biología Agrícola de Mendoza / Institute of Agricultural biology (IBAM), Mendoza, Argentina

6th November 2019

This course will provide training on RNAseq data production and interpretation.

CABANA Workshop: Resources and tools for target identification and drug discovery

IHEM - Instituto de Histología y Embriología, Mendoza, Argentina

6th November 2019

In this course, participants will learn the basics of molecular target identification in pathogens, building of compound libraries for virtual screening and molecular docking.

CABANA Workshop: Chemoinformatics in Drug Discovery

LANGEBIO, Cinvestav, Irapuato, Mexico

15th October 2019

The aim of this workshop is to introduce researchers to the field of Chemoinformatics, especially in the areas of Structure-Based Drug Design (SBDD) and Ligand-Based Drug Design (LBDD).

CABANA Train the Trainer Workshop in Lima, Peru

Universidad de San Martín de Porres (USMP), Santa Anita, Peru

14th October 2019

This course will provide new trainers with knowledge, skills, guidance and tips for developing and delivering training. Participants will explore a range of methods to enable and encourage learning, examine the requirements for a successful course and acquire appropriate feedback.

CABANA Symposium: Bioinformatics and Biodiversity - Unlocking new tools for biodiversity research

Vale Institute of Technology (ITV), Belem, Brazil

2nd September 2019

This 3-day symposium will cover a broad range of topics in DNA barcoding and metabarcoding bioinformatics for biodiversity studies.

CABANA Workshop: Genotyping by Sequencing Applied to Plant Breeding

University of Costa Rica (UCR), San Jose, Costa Rica

6th August 2019

This workshop will provide training around the experimental design and multiple applications of Genotyping by Sequencing (GBS) in plants. In addition, detailed computational analysis of GBS data and resources will be explored.

CABANA Workshop: Genomic Analysis of Crop Biodiversity using R

LANGEBIO, Cinvestav, Irapuato, Mexico

25th June 2019

This course will provide training on using R in genomics applications for crop biodiversity.

CABANA Workshop: Introduction to R and Bioconductor for genomic analyses

LANGEBIO, Cinvestav, Irapuato, Mexico

21st May 2019

This course will provide training on how to program using R, one of the most popular languages for performing bioinformatic and statistical analyses for genomics applications.

Exploring Biodiversity through Bioinformatics

International Potato Center (CIP), La Molina, Peru

9th April 2019

This course aims to provide knowledge on available approaches, methods and tools to perform studies on biodiversity employing modern high-throughput sequencing approaches.

Livestock Genomics

European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) - Training Room 2, Cambridge, United Kingdom

1st April 2019

This course will introduce participants to methods and approaches for analysing genomic data from common livestock species.