Our consortium will deliver 28 workshops throughout Latin America. These bioinformatics workshops focus on enabling molecular life scientists in Latin America to access, visualise, analyse, annotate and interpret biomolecular data, and will support them to place their own research data in the public domain. They are modelled on EMBL-EBI off-site courses and tailored to the research interests of our hosts. Travel costs will be subsidised for hard-to-reach groups of scientists. 

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Upcoming CABANA workshops

CABANA Workshop: Bioinformatics approaches to viruses and genomic surveillance

14 Feb 2022

This workshop will provide training on the use of bioinformatics tools to understand viral pathogens’ sequencing data. Trainees will receive training on viral genome assembly, comparative viral genomics, phylodynamics, metaviromics and downstream applications of this data in research and applied contexts, including public health and policy.


CABANA Workshop: Plant bioinformatics - analysis of crop genomics data

University of Costa Rica (UCR), San Jose, Costa Rica

13 Dec 2021

This course will introduce crop biologists to methods and approaches for analysing crop genomics data for genotyping. During the course participants will learn about genotyping experimental design, variant calling, comparative genomics using Ensembl, analyse variation data with Ensembl Variant Effect Predictor and explore concepts of genome wide association studies (GWAS).  The content will explain how to make use of existing public data, retrieve, submit and share your data with the community.

Trainers will cover the basics of diversity analysis using R, before analyzing various genomes to assess diversity, investigating gene-phenotype relationships and microsatellites. The course will be delivered through a combination of hands-on training sessions and lectures.

This course will be a virtual event. The content will be delivered over Zoom.  In order to make the most out of the course, you should make sure to have a stable internet connection throughout the week.

Computational practicals will be run on EMBL-EBI's virtual training infrastructure; this means there is no need to have a powerful computer to run exercises or a requirement to install complex software before the course.

Other workshops in Latin America

No workshop listed currently.