What is CABANA?

  • CABANA is a capacity strengthening project for bioinformatics in Latin America. 
  • It aims to accelerate the implementation of data-driven biology in the region by creating a sustainable capacity-building programme focusing on three challenge areas – communicable disease, sustainable food production and protection of biodiversity.
  • CABANA is orchestrated by an international consortium of ten organisations - nine in Latin America and one in the UK.
  • CABANA is funded by the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) - part of the UK Aid Budget – from October 2017 to December 2021.

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CABANA challenges

The project will enable research and deliver training to address three challenges:


Ricardo Fujita

CABANA partner, Ricardo Fujita from Universidad de San Martín de Porres, Peru, gave a presentation to the Latin America Regional Conference to fight Illegal Wildlife Trade in Lima on 1st October. 

Ricardo discussed how the identification of specimens, part of them or processed products, by a system using DNA Barcodes or DNA metabarcodes is a must to help the protection against smuggling and extinction of endangered species.

It raised interest and willingness to collaborate from Peru National Prosecutor for the Environment, the Prosecutor of Environment at the National Customs, UNODC Environment Crime Project Specialist, Wood Productive Innovation and Technology Transfer Center of Peru and some NGOs involved in Wildlife Diversity Protection.  

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