Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer

Learn how to become an effective and confident bioinformatics trainer. 

Primer workshops

CABANA’s 1–2 day primer workshops cover the basics of designing, delivering and evaluating bioinformatics training. They are held in Latin America, often as part of a bioinformatics conference, and are suitable for both new and experienced bioinformatics trainers. We focus on training practices rather than bioinformatics content, so the workshop is appropriate for anyone with training responsibilities, regardless of their specific bioinformatics research interests. 

See an example of a primer workshop.

Challenge-specific workshops

These two-week immersive workshops at EMBL-EBI enable researchers from Latin America to work together, with support from EMBL-EBI trainers, to design and deliver bioinformatics training. You will deliver your training activity at a practical course on one of CABANA’s three challenge areas:

Protection of Biodiversity: 17-21 February 2020

Sustainable food production: 1-5 April 2019 (livestock) and 19-23 October 2020 (plant crops)

Communicable disease: 7-11 December 2020

The ultimate goal is that you build on what you’ve learned by designing and hosting your own bioinformatics training. Our workshop programme provides opportunities for CABANA’s new trainers to deliver training.